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Long Vol, Long Tech, See What Happens

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Overbought Conditions Stay Nimble. DeMARK scans and relative charts.

Morning Brief - Front-running rates via energy and Crypto names about to rally, hard.

There are still good setups. Here are the best ones we see.

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Key DeMARK Stock Setups

Equity Market DeMARK Updates

Notable Market Timing Signals Across Weekly Daily and 240M Time Frames

Video Update - Repeat the mantra, no pivot.

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A few trades to eyeball

PreMarket Prep - Miners, Copper And Chop

Weekend Debrief For Oct 23 2022

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Video - What About The Counts

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Morning Brief And Trade Updates

Video Update Octoberfest

Morning Video Brief

Monthly Range Projection, TD Combo 13 But Overall Broken

Market Update Prop Reached, Rates Down

Trends And Risk Levels

Market impacts of elections.

Video Brief, Chart Drop, They Missed The Lows And Russians Withdrawing Means They Buy Higher

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Evening Technical Update Brief

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The biggest cross market signal since the June lows

Weekend Video Brief

Having A Market Philosophy Is Everything

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Weekend Video Brief And Gameplan

No Need To Set A Foot Wrong

The Risk Reward Is For Another Leg Of Inflation

Keep Sniping Alpha

Oh, now the world is bullish.

Gameplan For Tomorrow And Trade Reviews

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Out To Build The Best Tech

Do Or Die

Trade Review, Positions Updated And Charts For Tomorrow

Following Just A Few Signals And Markets

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Trades and trades

You asked, we added

Couple Of Plays I'm Eyeing Here Across Tech, Biotech And China

Video: The Gameplay For This Market Weakness

The Week Ahead, Game Plan and More.

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Top Charts Updated

Video: The Bonds Are Literally Telling You What To Do

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SPY SPX Update

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DeMARK update. This is the big one.

Is Tether backed by Bitcoin & Ether?

AM Brew, Jun 30th 2022

AM Brew, Jun 29th 2022

AM Brew, June 28th 2022

DeMARK Timing Updates

AM Brew, Jun 24th 2022

Speaking Technicals

AM Brew, Jun 22nd 2022

AM Brew, Jun 21st 2022

Video Update On Stocks, Rates and Growth Stock Play

AM Brew, Jun 20th 2022

AM Brew, Jun 17, 2022

AM Brew, Jun 16th 2022

Enough Is Enough. Monthly Range Projections And Combo 13s Across The Board. Rates Heading South.

AM Brew, Jun 15th 2022

AM Brew, Jun 14th, 2022

DeMARK Counts Updated

AM Brew, Jun 13th 2022

Google It

Tactical Risk Update - Normalizing

AM Brew, Jun 10th 2022

AM Brew, Jun 9th 2022

Giving This Trade A Try

AM Brew, Jun 8th, 2022

DeMARK Gameplan Updated We Reacted To Sell Setups Everywhere Whats Next

AM Brew, June 7th 2022

AM Brew, Jun 6th 2022

DeMARK timing across the board for week of June 6

AM Brew, June 3rd 2022

Clean Bond Swing Trade Here

Video Brief On Market Setups And Status.

Oil and Energy Update. DeMARK 13 risk levels hit and trading off. Downside open.

AM Brew, June 2nd 2022

AM Brew, June 1st 2022

Range Trading

The Retest. Gameplan for Stocks and Energy.

AM Brew, May 31st 2022

SP Futures Update

AM Brew, May 30th 2022

AM Brew, May 27th 2022

Well We Are Bouncing, What Is Next

AM Brew, May 26th 2022

AM Brew, May 25th, 2022

SPX and VTI Higher Timeframe Gameplan Update 3845 Wave Target Reached

Bottoming Setups

Bitcoin, Up Weekends, Down 9-5

AM Brew, May 24th 2022

Beta Hounding

Two Quick Plays This Morning

AM Brew, May 23rd 2022

Re-testing the Lows, What Next ?

AM Brew, May 20th 2022

Some Valuations are Now Reasonable

AM Brew, May 19th 2022

Mid Day Action, May 18, 2022

AM Brew, May 18th 2022

Bits And Pieces

As Far As We Are Concerned...

AM Brew, May 17th 2022

AM Brew, May 16th, 2022

Charts on Charts

A few more updates on Facebook, Micron and Gold Miners

What About Metals And Mining

AM Brew May 13th 2022

We Have Not Seen These Signals In Years

When do Stocks look Cheap vs Fundamentals?

Chart Blast Update - Downside Exhaustion Counts Triggering. NDX 12K Undercut.

QQQ TD Sequential 13 VTI Sequential 13 FB Earnings Gap Defense

AM Brew, May 12th, 2022

PM Wrap, May 11th, 2022

Bond Inflows And Equity Weakness. VTI Sequential 13.

Metals, Copper, Mining, Uranium Support Weekly DeMARK TDST Daily Risk Levels from 9

ES SPX SPY Update Tactical Leg Higher, Defended Gap

AM Brew, May 11th 2022

The Big Chartbook

Todays Action, May 10th, 2022

ARKK margin call spots.


Higher Quality Names DeMARK Scan

AM Brew, May 10th 2022

Market Scans

Banking Stocks Relative Strength DeMARK 13 Countdowns Goldman Citigroup

ES SPY SPX Yearly S1 Hourly 13 Combo and Sequential 13 Exhaustion.

RATES Update 10yr Yield Risk Levels From Sequential 13 Still In Play, Good Risk Reward

AM Brew, May 9, 2022

SPX ES SPY Update Bad Monday Targets And Where To Scoop


ES SPX UPDATE: Bounce played out, continue for medium term 3850 target

US RATES And YIELD CURVES Updates. Wave up targets and risks levels holding. More steepness.

COPPER And COPPER STOCKS FCX SCCO HG Massive Divergence Between Reality. DeMARK short-term Buys.

ES SPX SPY Update Hourly DeMARK 9 DJIA TD Prop with 13 Sequential on 2H

AM Brew May 6, 2022

Copper HG Hourly 9 Within Daily 9, Copper Names Undercutting 200DMA Risk Reward Interesting Here

How do you value these Tech Stocks ?

DJIA TD Prop 32680 Short Term First Target. Medium Term Target Still Below 32000

SPX ES SPY DeMARK Update 60m DeMARK 9 exhaustion means add to shorts from Overnight for 3960

AM Brew Mar 5, 2022

Dip Setups in Equity Squeeze FCX GDX AMX PSA

RWX Combo 13 downside exhaustion and insider buying in REITs at key technical levels

FOMC ES SPX SPY 60M DeMARK 13 Sequential Sell

BOND FOMC gameplay 141.5 upside wave 3 hourly. Below breaks 136.25

SOFI relative strength DeMARK 13 combo wave exhaustion targets 8.82 up

CRWD long term winner DeMARK weekly counts to complete up to the 275 area

Oil Update - Massive daily flag 108/109 upside pause. 150 daily target pending technicals

AM Brew May 4, 2022

SPX ES SPY Path Update

USD Pairs Update

Gold and Miners DeMARK update

Intraday Hedges Again ?

Top Equity DeMARK ideas here

Interest Rate Futures Updated Counts - Buy It All

A.M. Brew - May 3rd, 2022

Market Update DJIA 13, Long Miners, Coinbase

Market And ETF Strategy

DOW JONES 13 Sequential, MEME Stocks Exhausted

Just Focus On These Setups Which Work

Style Matters

China Turn, Momo In Bear Markets And Pair Trades

Some Swing Trades This Morning

Crypto Update

DeMARK-based trade ideas 4/26/2022

Is Alphabet (GOOG/GOOGL) next to Blow UP?

Don't Get Caught In The Cookie Jar

Expecting These Outcomes

A couple of trades here

Two Steps Forward, One Back – Currently Everything is Backwards

Crude Update: Covering Some And Spreads

DeMARK Cross Market Update

Risk Update

Charts That Matter: Out of Energy And Into...

Hmm... Something Different

China DeMARK Count Updates

Broad Risk Update: Bar 9 Up, Rates Retest, Crude Going Lower

Charts That Matters (Bios + Rates Medium Term Pivotal Moment)

SPY ES Broad Risk Update

Buy Falling Dagger NFLX or Knife PYPL?

China DeMARK setups

A silly amount of overhead

Gold Tactical Update: 120M 9 buy within bear

ETHUSD Flash Update

What to do now?

More Trade Ideas

Trade Ideas This Morning

Technical Timing Views

Crude Oil Completed 120M 13

FB Call Idea

A Few DeMARK Setups

Market Plays

Technical Views After Close

Trade Ideas Stream 4/14/2022

Shorting this MLM Name

Quant Technical Swing Setups

A few trade ideas on $KWEB $SHOP $SPY

KWEB Technically Is Good

SHOP Swing Long

S&P Overnight

China/Japan DeMARK Analysis

Trend Factor Completed: Intraday DeMARK Setups

Short-term SPY / ES Updates

Dow Component Report Chartbook

Dow Component Report

Market Tidbits 4-11-2022

World Equity Chartbook Is Out

World Equity Chartbook

Weekend Video + Market Report PDF

Market Report 4-9-2022

Market Tidbits 4-8-2022

Trade Setups Updated

Trend Report April 7th 2022

Are dips buyable now?

Giving it a go

What Happened Today And Setups

Long Short Gameplan Chart Book

SPY Base Case

My Favorite Setups Here

Covering SPY Hedges, Trying ARKK

Weekend De-Brief and Action Plan

Does the GME Split Create Value?

Residential Real Estate: Making Sense of Madness

Pressing For Upside

Top Ideas Into Month End!

Still Doing Some Hedging Here

Stocks At Bear Zone But Crypto Bullish

Recession Red Flags: What Variable Matters?

Hedging With ARKK

Signals Are Getting More Clear

Updated Views

Some DeMARK Setups I Like

Good Run, Good Time To Evaluate

Alright, Lets Dive Into The Weeds.

Easy button, over. Trading bonds, stocks etc.

Weighing It All

Context and charts

So, we bounced. What Now?

DeMARK Analysis Updates

Beta Time?

Are Market Mechanisms Failing?

Market Timing Scans For The Week Of 3/13/2022

Recession? via The Finance Professor

The Finance Professor: Protecting yourself in times of Trouble

A couple of chart setups

The Impossible Keeps Happening

Tales Of The Tape 3/10/2022

Tales From The Tape 3/9/2022

Flash Update: New Trades

Transition Trading Setups

The Delta Between Breadth And Price

DeMARK Scans and Setups For 3/8/2022

Turn-Around Tuesday Or Nah

Flash Update: Trade Setups That Make Sense

Oil, smh. My favorite setups this week and beyond.

Top Charts And Ideas I'm Watching

Making Sense Of Everything

Stick with Quality: Doordash Example

If Crypto Has Been Leading Risk-On...

Macro Detrending

Pre-NFP Setups, Paths & General Ideas

Respect DeMARK Risk Levels, Solars Going Lower

$SPY DeMARK Update

EDIT: Editas well Positioned in CRSPR

Seasonal Long Opportunities & Conflicts With Trends

Cross Asset DeMARK Analysis

DeMARK Analysis On Russian OTC Stocks

Morning Market Brief

Short-term bottom is in on QQQ

Flash Update: QQQ Outperformance Short-Term

2022: Bull or Bear ?